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Why you shouldn't use the free email from your hosting?

When you start looking at the mail solutions from hosting providers you often see: unlimited addresses, free alliasses,…
The tend to forget to mention 3 issues with these solutions:

  1. Most important: mails from a hostingserver will go to spam in 90% of all cases. Why? Most IP adresses from a hostingprovider are blacklisted due to the fact that they tend to send out a lot of emails each day.
  2. All you mails are saved on the hostingserver and uses your websites space. This space is very expensive compared to mail space from Google or Microsoft. You also run the risk of losing your mails if the server isn’t maintained or secured. This is a risk you don’t have with Google or Microsoft.
  3. If you ever decide to switch hosting providers you’ll notice it isn’t that easy to also move your emails.

I’m happy to help you find the right mail solution for you.

Below you can find the different possibilities from Google and Microsoft. Don’t know which one to choose? This link can get you on your way. Still don’t know? I’m happy to help.

Do you currently have your mails with a provider or are you still using a personal address? I’ll transfer them for free to Workspace or Microsoft 365.

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One Tree Planted is a recognized non-profit that does reforestation.  I’m happy to say RH Websites and hosting is an official partner. For every 5 mail users we’ll plant a tree somewhere in Europe.

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